Everyone wants to run a business for many reasons. For starters, the idea of having a boss breathing down their neck for the next x amount of years until retirement doesn’t sound like sunshine and margaritas. Another reason is the flexible schedule, having the choice of what hours to work and what days you get off is very convenient especially for those with families.

Also, nothing speaks success louder than running your own business especially if it becomes successful. Often people feel like they're just another sheep wandering around aimlessly in the field of pastures waiting for the almighty farmer to sheer every ounce of dignity remaining. Humans don't like to gravel for what they feel they deserve, and self-acceptance plays an important role.

Nothing speaks success louder than running your own business especially if it becomes successful..png

However, before making that bold move into the world of business owners and entrepreneurs, there are a few tips you need to follow to execute this goal properly.

 1. Formulate a Plan 

Don't go into this with half-opened eyes go into it with eyes of an owl by soaking in all the information beforehand. For instance, you will need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. What you're most interested in that won't turn into just another mundane "9 to 5" type of job - make it a lasting career.


2. How Much Are You Willing to Invest

Money is not just a factor in deciding how much to invest; you need to know how much time and effort you want to have in this new endeavor. Do you want it to be a fun weekend warrior type of job to bring in some disposable income? Is this new business being implemented to replace your current job? If you're not able to commit fully to this new challenge, you could end up with an empty bucket list and be filled with disappointment due to failure. Don't set yourself up to fail.

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3. Educate Yourself

Do exactly what you're doing right this minute, educating yourself about starting a business. If you already have a business degree, but it's been ten years since you've graduated consider a refresher course because times have changed and what worked for new businesses ten years ago may not work the same at the current time.

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4. What Will Be Your Role In This Business

Do you want to be upfront with all the excitement networking with clients, etc.? Or do you want to be the busy bee behind the honeycomb making sure honey is stirring correctly.

Assessing your personality strengths is a large factor that many don't consider before jumping into the hive, and it could backfire if you don't figure out what starring role you play.

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5. Puzzle in The Missing Pieces

Think of this business as a 2500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Look at all the companies that surround you in the same field you want to venture into and see where they fall flat. By implementing what they're lacking, you will earn the reputation of standing out from the herd of horses and shine like a unicorn, instead.

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