Want to take the first step?

I am Ines Ruiz, I was a lecturer and instructional designer at Cambridge University in the UK before I started my own business creating online courses. In the past 3 months I made more than 30K selling my courses, and now I want to help you do the same!

I would love to have a FREE session with you to talk about the challenges you are facing creating your course and we can discuss any possible solutions. NO PITCH, you know who I am and what I do, I will give you my honest advice and really try to help you  I hope to meet you soon :)

Are you COMMITTED to create your course?

Create your online course

in 4 weeks with me by your side


  • 4 1:1 sessions in which we will face challenges that you might face and just get over them!

  • You will have weekly tasks that then we will review weekly with downloadable worksheets

  • We will work with a Project manager app and you will have online access to all the documents on a shared folder, so I can add comments, but you can still print them and write down if you prefer to do so,

I am not going to lie, it's going to be intense, but can you imagine yourself in a month's time with a completed course that is ready to sell? AMAZING!

It's just a matter of taking action and I am going to be with you in this journey. I will give you all the tools and you will be able to create a course that is authentic and has the best you have to offer.  Most importantly, you will not be alone in the process, this is not a bunch of PDFs to download, I will be reviewing your progress and in our weekly sessions we can discuss any possible challenges.


What are we going to be working on?

Course development (worksheets and templates)

Content development and planning


Course Structure and curriculum for 4- 6 modules


Planning of each module content

Course development (worksheets and templates)

Goal Setting for the launch


Market Research


Survey your market


Branding and design of the course


Setting up tasks and deadline calendar


Review previous programs


Accountability and coaching

Result reports


4 1:1 sessions weekly


Outsourcing planning


Technology selection  (platform, shopping cart, etc) I will analyze your needs and advise the best pack of platforms/software/business tools  to develop your course, specifically designed for your needs and what your course and students required, so it's the most efficient and automatize system that gives you freedom

Bonus downloads



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How to engage with your tribe

How to run a FB challenge

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