Independence & Freedom are my core values.

Mainly because I’ve witnessed them being taken from both myself and women around me: When I was 4 years old, I developed a strange disease that left me almost blind. I had to live in darkness as I had photophobia as well. I would have my eyes covered by a protective eye case. I couldn't see and I had to trust my mother's directions to walk around all the time. I couldn't do anything by myself and always felt that there was nothing else I could do. My eye surgeon never lose faith and I was able to see again after 16 surgeries. I created my online business so I could do everything for myself and have a sustainable life doing things that I love and be FREE and INDEPENDENT. And now I want the same for you. I want this online school  to be the change factor for you.)

 I also grew up knowing first hand what it looked like when women had choices taken away from them. (Every year, we had refugees kids from SADR spending the summer with us. One girl, Yamuriya came to spend three months with us every single summer for several years. She was just a normal girl – she’d spend her time learning Spanish and hanging out with me and my family  – and then go back home (with tons of food and school supplies!)

One summer when we were teenagers, Yamuriya didn’t show up. That’s when my eyes were opened: Yamuriya didn’t come back because “had to” get married and pregnant. I was still in secondary school and couldn’t wrap my head around it. But it showed me the real importance of education and how I never wanted to let my life be dictated by what society says a woman should do. Yamuriya and women like her are a huge reason why The Women Entrepreneur School exists.

I have a BA and MA in Translation Studies, an MA in Education and E-Learning and a postgraduate certificate in Teaching Spanish as Foreign Language. And 30000 online courses about marketing and entrepreneurship.

I follow my heart, always.

In fact, I turned down an incredible academic offer to start a teaching career in the US and a grant to get my doctorate, once I realized that it wasn’t making me happy and I was only doing it because I was “supposed to.” My heart wasn’t in academia – I wanted to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of normal people, not just publish research no one would read. So, I walked away...and I’ve never been happier.


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